Gynexin Testimonials

“I just wish I was made aware of your product (Gynexin) earlier. For over 10 years I thought my only option was surgery.” – R. Parikh (Leicestershire, UK)

Gynexin is the ultimate formula for men suffering from gynecomastia!!! I had mild man boobs after experimenting with steroids whilst body building. My breasts are already well toned after taking 3 Gynexin bottles. The negative effect of my steriod use has VANISHED. Being a body conscious person it’s been such a relief to get rid of the man boobs I developed. – Phill (Adelaide, Australia)

I was due for gynecomastia surgery. I was about to go under the knife when I decided to give Gynexin Alpha Formula a trial run. My results have been so impressive so I must say thanks to Dr. James Hopkins who showed me the product in his gynexin review. I no longer needed surgery! Gynexin has litterally saved me thousands of dollars and delivered the results I wanted in 3 months. – Ross (Los Angeles, California)

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