Musicians Care


Patient Centered Care initiatives at Sherman create a more calming environment by using positive distractions to reduce pain, stress and anxiety. The Patient-Centered care fund supports a variety of programs, including Musicians Care and Animal Assisted Therapy, devoted to creating a restorative environment for our patients.
Donor contributions support Musicians Care, designed to provide a calm and relaxing environment and contribute to the healing process through music. This program offers patients and visitor an opportunity to listen to live performances by Elgin Symphony Orchestra musicians. The musicians visit Sherman Hospital and play music at the base of the Tree of Life for all to hear and then the musicians divide their time among the different patient areas. Studies have shown that music helps to ease patients’ pain, lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety, and improve coping abilities. Mary Gleason, Director of the Center for Cancer Care, comments: “I’ve seen patients and their families find moments of peace in times of stress and anxiety when listening to the musicians’ performances. It is amazing!”

Animal Assisted Therapy is another program designed to bring joy, comfort, and companionship to our patients and visitors. Supported through a grant from the Planet Dog Foundation, the Animal Assisted Therapy Program dogs and their handlers visit adult patients on the medical/surgical, cardiac care, orthopedic, pediatric and oncology inpatients units. In addition to in-patient visits, therapy teams also visit staff offices and stop to greet visitors in the hospital’s common areas. The benefits of pet therapy are increasingly documented in clinical research concluding that there is a direct correlation between pet interactions and improved overall health. The research demonstrates that interaction with a gentle, friendly animal brings lots of positives. Patients experience lower blood pressure, less depression due to loneliness, improved physical and mental stimulation, and brighter emotional outlooks.